Kolas Blumenfeld Rave Review

Featured Review by Nichole Choice

How satisfied were you with the LOCATION in general? (Easy to find, Parking, Bus stops, Lighting, Atmosphere, Comfort)
10 out of 10

How satisfied are you with the Dispensary/Retailer's HOURS OF OPERATION and Ease of Access?
10 out of 10

Were you asked to verify your age by showing valid identification? Cannabis and Higher Ground are for adults only.
Yes: 10 out of 10

How satisfied were you with the SERVICE you received?
10 out of 10

How satisfied were you with the PROMPTNESS of the service you received?
10 out of 10

How satisfied were you with the personal CARE you received?
10 out of 10

How satisfied were you with the INFORMATION provided (if you asked)?
10 out of 10

How satisfied were you with the SELECTION of products at this time?
10 out of 10

How satisfied were you with the PRICING of products at this time? Were items available for a range of budgets?
10 out of 10

Were options offered for your selection?
Yes: 10 out of 10

Total: 100


Kolas Blumenfeld is a wonderful dispensary conveniently located right off the Capital City Interstate 80 freeway in Sacramento, California. They have early hours for those on the go or seeking to avoid crowds, open every day from 7am to 9pm.

Image courtesy of Kolas Blumenfeld

They had a very cool “passport” promotion earlier this year: a $5 creatively designed booklet full of coupons for a wide variety of products with cash or percentage based discounts, as well as buy-one-get-one deals.

The staff are super friendly to the point you get to know them by name if you choose to become a regular. I tend to know exactly what I want, preferring to, more often than not, shop online so as to limit the length of time spent in the shop picking it up. However, I have witnessed the staff patiently explain, compare, and share their personal knowledge of the products to shoppers with total and immaculate kindness.

The store has recently redesigned their shop to create an airy, open, safe space for shopping. They are also extremely organized from intake (accepting your driver’s license into a neat little ziplock bag in true no contact style) to coordinating the outtake process amongst their team members (security, check in, shopper, dispenser, and cashier work seamlessly together). Since they regularly update [on another directory], it’s thoroughly realistic to be in and out of there in a five minute span.

Image courtesy of Kolas Blumenfeld

Among their recent renovations and upgrades include a super-cool waiting lobby complete with high-tech monitors displaying a variety of vivid content to keep you entertained, including footage from the three day music festival people have travelled from all over the country for years in order to attend, Aftershock, of which Kolas Blumenfeld was co-sponsor, and headlined last year by Blink-182, Rob Zombie, Tool, and Korn. So even if there’s a bit of a wait at times (and they do monitor how many are allowed in the lobby at a time), you won’t mind due to all the eye candy.

There’s also a comfortable people ramp to stand on with clearly marked socially distanced logo floor signs in case the lobby is at capacity.

Speaking of the people ramp outside of the shop, let’s talk about their awesome curbside pick up option in the parking lot. Imagine checking the website (or not; either works), pulling up in your car, and a friendly Kolas Blumenfeld budtender will literally take your order through your car window, and subsequently deliver right back to your car within minutes as you kick back and listen to tunes all the while. The experience of being able to wait safely inside the car is priceless. This is an available service every day between 11am to 7pm.

If you happen to miss curbside hours, security has no problem allowing you to wait outside in the parking lot or on the people ramp if you don’t prefer to stand in the lobby. In the high-tech, visually pleasing and very spacious lobby, you’ll also find an on site ATM with low service fees.

Image courtesy of Kolas Blumenfeld

Last, but not least, we need to talk about the selection of products, of course! It is nothing short of incredible and expansive. Kolas Blumenfeld does post their menu [on a commercial directory] which is regularly updated so you can shop ahead. Among their inventory are vape pens, flower, edibles, concentrates, gear, topicals, and cultivation.

And there’s no need to break the bank when you visit. It’s easy to find products to enhance your vibration no matter what your budget at the moment. They even have “shake” (a subcategory of flower): $25 out the door for an eighth.

Kolas Blumenfeld is a top tier, good vibes dispensary experience from start to finish. Even the arrival in the parking lot is pleasant. Along with the interior makeover, the exterior of the building has a vibrant, on brand, fresh new paint job complemented by the most awe inspiring and vivid mural one may ever see; it flows all over the side of the building in a truly stunning and beautiful display.

Security staff are consistently pleasant and courteous, gentlemanly even, prone to hold doors open for shoppers upon arrival and departure, which is truly appreciated particularly during a pandemic where one doesn't necessarily want to touch door knobs on the way in or out.

And with the incredibly convenient location right off the freeway, you’ll be back on the road in no time and on your way to feeling “mighty irie, mon!”

1220 Blumenfeld Drive
Sacramento, CA 95815

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