Super Skunk featured review

Strain: Super Skunk
Enviro: Indoors, LED lights, living soil, no pesticides
Mostly Sativa varietal;
Harvested: 5/21/2020
Cure Complete: 6/21/2020
Quality: “Top Rocks”
THC Potency: 15% (estimated); Type I (THC-dominant);
Terpene Presence: 5 out of 5 (very loud);
Aroma Profile: Fruity/Citrus/Earth (blood-orange-tangie);


Super Skunk is a very “blood orange to smoky tangerine” tasting variety to some, while others will swear the only thing they can taste is cat piss. Its dominant terpenes must be pinene and limonene, but I’ve never seen a terpene profile on it. Because it is dominated by monoterpenes it can be difficult to tolerate and light on effects. It likes to burn hot, so extra care in taking smaller, cooler hits may aid ingestion. It seems to be the perfect strain for my workday as it is uplifting and non sedative. I acquired this one as a clone and cannot be certain about the genetics, therefore I cannot attribute any of this to a specific breeder. The plant is mature in 63 days and compared to most, is extremely easy to clone, cultivate and trim. She grows tall so be ready for some light string training (LST) or have a tall grow space.

This harvest appears to be delicious, but lacking potency. I feel like THC potency is around 15% – definitely less than 20%. Trichome heads were nearly all clear. Perhaps she needed a few more days under the lights. ?

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