The Hog is deeply fragrant and dankly interesting

Saints joints scored 87% by
Several Saints (brand) joints were reviewed in April 2020 by contributors and Higher Ground.

“The Hog” – reviewed personally by Jeff Cole (Seattle, WA)
Producer: 603296353 Seattle Green Bud
Branding: Saints (0.7 gram pre-rolled joints)
Total THC: 15.21%; Higher Ground score: 87% (Excellent)
The label of a cannabis package containing "The Hog"

After receiving a “heads-up” that we needed to take a closer look at Saints brand, Higher Ground investigated and found a strain worth mentioning.

© 2020 | Higher Ground Magazine Aquarian Publishing Company, Seattle, WA, USA Click data sheet to enlarge.
© 2020 | Higher Ground Magazine
Aquarian Publishing Company, Seattle, WA, USA
Click Data Sheet to enlarge.

Comments: Wow! what an interesting strain! I gave it 5 points for the first sniff because of how loud it was as I opened the shrink wrap and slide. Smoke terpene presence got 5 because again it was loud, interesting and pleasant. I would compare its spiciness to strains like Laughing Buddha or Jesus. I tried smoking the joint for its utility and was blown away at how pleasant the smoke was. The euphoric high lasted long enough and didn’t seem to drop me in a sedation like I experience with Kush strains. I’ll definitely try more of this when I can get a terpene profile.

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