Growers Verify Terpenes demonstrating true artisan spirit

With the advent of specialized procedures developed in recent years (Fischedick, 2010; Livingston, et al, 2020), testing aromatic Cannabis flowers for terpene composition has become a proactive demonstration of quality among concerned (artisan) growers. Plus, with so many consumers interested in learning about terpenes, a few tiny farms get to enjoy “rock star” status. These are visionary leaders, and I believe most early adopters have earned some bragging rights.

In 2015, Seattle Bliss was in its beginnings. I had left Research and Publishing to treat myself and learn about Cannabis on the west coast. I smoked on-camera and allowed viewers to see how certain strains affected my thoughts, speech and short-term memory. I was learning about anything I could. I got a look at a few terpene profiles and became curious. I read science articles and applied what I learned. I begged several growers for terpene test results and found a select few willing to aid my research. Now, thanks to their help, I’ve written a reference book, built a website with a TerpType finder (Strain Search), and I look forward to certifying TerpTypes for professional growers around the world.

New 2021 Verified TerpTypes

Enduring thanks to these producers for leading the way by aiding this research.

[See a preview of the book, TerpTypes, including the Verified cultivars below, in the Library.]
Lazy Bee Gardens (WA, USA), Jack of Spades
HigherGround420 TerpType Verified 2021-02-13; Certificate valid 2021 for Lazy Bee Gardens (WA)

Lazy Bee Gardens (WA, USA), Tesla Tower
HigherGround420 TerpType Verified 2021-03-08; Certificate valid 2021 for Lazy Bee Gardens (WA)

Lazy Bee Gardens (WA, USA), Wi-Fi OG
HigherGround420 TerpType Verified 2021-04-20; Certificate valid 2021 for Lazy Bee Gardens (WA)

Lazy Bee Gardens (WA, USA), Blue Dream
HigherGround420 TerpType Verified 2021-04-20; Certificate valid 2021 for Lazy Bee Gardens (WA)

Lazy Bee Gardens (WA, USA), Powder Hound (Certified)
HigherGround420 TerpType Certified 2021-01-31; Certificate valid 2021 for Lazy Bee Gardens (WA)

Green Barn Farms (WA, USA), Purple Diesel
HigherGround420 TerpType Verified 2021-03-20; Certificate valid 2021 for Green Barn Farms (WA)

Raven (WA, USA), The Look
HigherGround420 TerpType Verified 2021-02-27; Certificate valid 2021 for Raven (Olympia, WA)

Raven (WA, USA), Jack Herer
HigherGround420 TerpType Verified 2021-02-28; Certificate valid 2021 for Raven (Olympia, WA)

Sky High Gardens (WA, USA), Dutch Treat
HigherGround420 TerpType Verified 2021-01-20; Certificate valid 2021 for Sky High Gardens (Seattle, WA)

Puffin Farm (WA, USA), Strawberry Cough
HigherGround420 TerpType Verified 2021-03-01; Certificate valid 2021 for Puffin Farm (WA)

Vashon Velvet (WA, USA), Acapulco Gold

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Full References under the “Exploration” tab, and in the book, TerpTypes (Jeff Cole, 2021) available in the HG420 store.

References cited here:
Fischedick, J. T., Hazekamp, A., Erkelens, T., Choi, Y. H., & Verpoorte, R. (2010). Metabolic fingerprinting of Cannabis sativa L., cannabinoids and terpenoids for chemotaxonomic and drug standardization purposes. Phytochemistry, 71(17-18), 2058-2073.
Livingston, S. J., Quilichini, T. D., Booth, J. K., Wong, D. C., Rensing, K. H., Laflamme‐Yonkman, J., … & Samuels, A. L. (2020). Cannabis glandular trichomes alter morphology and metabolite content during flower maturation. The Plant Journal, 101(1), 37-56.

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