Kush Strains and the HG420 Pie Chart

all of these kush strains resemble the HG420 Beach Ball

In recent attempts to organize data, several Kush strains were meticulously graphed with standardized colors representing each of several terpenes in a cannabis sample. As similarities became apparent, other strains were graphed in the same manner. The results were enlightening, to say the least.

“The HG420 Beach Ball” is a simple design with precise colors representing each terpene. This only differs from previous HG420 articles in that previous comparisons never standardized both the pie chart AND consistent use of color.

Previous comparisons using bar graphs revealed little similarity between strains of known relation. The most prevalent terpenes were consistently present, yet a simple and instantly recognizable graphic was needed. Bar graphs just weren’t communicating enough. One may attempt to see the similarities in the bar graphs below.

With each terpene assigned a pie chart color consistent throughout Higher Ground magazine, comparison may be made between strains. In addition to consistent color, the number of terpenes represented shall not extend beyond the top ten most potent. Below are the individual pie charts for the Kush strains above.

Observe several of these related strains and it is easy to see why a consumer who finds great benefit in Skywalker OG would very likely find similar benefit in Master Kush. Furthermore, this consumer would very likely enjoy any strain in this family. Kush strains are shown below as a group to illustrate the similarities.

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