See Blue Dream with HG420’s Terpene Profile Visualization

Strain name: “Blue Dream”
Varietal Type I, by cannabinoids (THC-dominant)
Varietal Terpene Profile Type: Pinene-Myrcene-Caryophyllene (PMC) (1)
Grown by Lazy Bee Gardens

2016 Review image of packaging and product by Lazy Bee Gardens.

This 2016 Product Review was the author’s initial discovery of LBG (2). The grower, Matthew Frigone, obtained genetics developed in Montana. “Bozeman Blue (Dream)” must have been precisely what he wanted. See how the new graphic design expresses a mass of terpene information instantly. Both graphs are of terpenes of Bozeman Blue Dream as grown by Lazy Bee Gardens. Click image to enlarge.

HG420 Terpene Visualization Chart - Blue Dream
When both types of Pinene are considered as one quantity, Blue Dream is Pinene-dominant. Click to enlarge.

The HG420 Review wasn’t fully developed at that time, so the information is much less precise than those currently accepting Whole Flower and Processed Product Reviews. This original HG420 Terpene Chart is included in the coming 2021 Cannabis Guide. Purchase a supporting subscription before November 1, 2020 to receive a Print or Digital copy. See our easy support choices starting at $1 a month.

Disclosure: Data for this Cannabis Science Report came from Lazy Bee Gardens, a conscientious outdoor grower frequently reviewed by HG contributors. Lazy Bee Gardens is not a Higher Ground sponsor.


  1. Fischedick, J. T., Hazekamp, A., Erkelens, T., Choi, Y. H., & Verpoorte, R. (2010). Metabolic fingerprinting of Cannabis sativa L., cannabinoids and terpenoids for chemotaxonomic and drug standardization purposes. Phytochemistry, 71(17-18), 2058-2073. [PDF]
  2. Cole, Jeff (2020). Blue Dream by Lazy Bee Marijuana Product Review, Seattle Bliss video, 3 min 14 s, YouTube:


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