Influence and Productivity at Higher Ground

You’re good at what you do. In other words, you’re INFLUENTIAL. People subscribe to your feed or channel because they seek your expertise and honesty. You’ve built an audience that trusts what you have to say. We’re glad to have you at Higher Ground Magazine (HG).

Now that you’re a member of the HG network, your responsibility is even greater. With such a degree of influence, HG members, also known as Contributors, have an even greater responsibility to provide accurate information and expert advice backed by verified, high-quality sources. In other words, now that you’re part of something big you must verify and document everything.

Fortunately we use Google apps

Use Google’s handy application, Keep (notes), to use voice-to-text to take notes on any connected device, then copy and paste a portion or all of the note into Google Docs later. It loads quickly, and helps avoid distraction when you need to get an idea down.

By composing your story or script in Google Docs you eliminate duplicates, never fail to save, and increase connectivity (links). Write the document, then place it in your HG420_YourName folder in Google Drive to automatically share with the editor, or compose within the shared folder from the start.

Use Google Images, a feature of the Chrome browser, to search for an image that will help your editor and illustrators understand your story. Add any image to your document for this private audience. If you choose an image from a public domain source, such as Wikipedia or Wikimedia Commons, and properly name the file, then it may be used. Otherwise, plan on images being replaced in the final publication.

Linking Sources

Cite sources in your notes. Notes are typically kept after the end of the article, which we end with a “-30-” (hyphen three zero hyphen), or keep notes in a separate document altogether. Be certain that your sources have linked doi. We use APA-style citations at HG.

Source Quality

You know the quality of your source. If your article is informing the public about legislative action, then sources should include official State press releases, video or audio transcripts of press conferences and interviews. Quoting the local TV station or a competing news source is highly unprofessional. Instead, one should quote as: “President Trump stated in an official White House press conference today that Americans will…” (Source: or other legitimate source that is not a competing news agency).

We only publish original content. If your story begins with naming a competitor, we probably can’t run it.


This document was published for training purposes and is intended for HG contributors. Learn more.



Keane-Dawson, M. (Mar 30, 2020). Why Influencer Marketing Is a Vital Tool to Use During COVID-19. Target Marketing.

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