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Are you a writer who consumes cannabis? What do you like to write about? Are you the writer Higher Ground is seeking?

Higher Ground readers like to know what other cannabis consumers enjoy. They want to know about new products, techniques, and people – not just in cannabis, but in every corner of society – as they relate to the cannabis consumer. Stories of an excursion to a remote destination, overcoming a physical or medical obstacle, and numerous others may be worth sharing with the Higher Ground audience.

If you have a story or article you’d like to submit, get in touch through our suggestion form. There you can either suggest a story, or submit one. We can’t publish every article or story, but if we like your idea you’ll be asked to go ahead and write it. You can submit a basic review with nothing more than your phone. However, with a bit of careful thought one can submit a highly informative review with multiple images. In addition to that, if an existing review (or images) could be improved upon by replacing with yours, we’ll credit you for it.


Images should be bright, clear, and in sharp focus (see gallery). Phones take great photos and video, but use a tripod or other sturdy stand to hold your camera while capturing photos on a plain black background. Holding the item in your hand can be good for package photos. Most cameras have a timer feature to allow you to set it down and get a rock-steady image. Take pictures indoors near a window for extra lighting, taking care to shade the image area. Final image size to email to Higher Ground should be 1280 x 720 (small widescreen). If featured in the annual, we may ask you for a larger image.

The video below introduces the Higher Ground method of Cannabis Flower Evaluation.

Image Naming for Reviews

Start with your Contributor ID (No spaces; followed by an underscore)_
then the subject or article name_
then the date_ (YYYYMMDD)
then the Image Detail and number (in case of series or multiples)

It should be in this format:

So for example, one of our contributors, Seattle Bliss, would contribute images with “SeattleBliss” in place of ContributorID and name the rest according to the formula. It should appear this way every time. Every image submitted with this review should look very similar.


Seattle Bliss submits the photos shown here with each review – sometimes more, sometimes less. The number of images we use is based on quality and relevance. NOTE: If you know there isn’t already a review with images for the strain you want to submit, odds are we’ll need the images. Below are the five possible image types needed for a flower review.

  • Package – Half of every package can be shown in one photo. More photos may be submitted to share important details not seen in the first.
  • Label – Most of the time there will only be one label to photograph. If more than one label holds important data, include more images.
  • Nugs – Photograph flowers on a black background or on a Higher Ground rolling tray. Arrange flowers large to small, displaying all package contents.
  • Macro – Individual flowers may be shown (approx 10X magnification) on a black background or on a Higher Ground rolling tray to show detail. No more than two images.
  • Microscopy – Close (100X and 1000X) detail of trichomes may be shown. No more than two images.

Click an image to enlarge.

Image Naming for Articles

Start with your Contributor ID (No spaces; followed by an underscore)_
then the subject or article name_
then the date_ (YYYYMMDD)
then the Image Detail and number (in case of series or multiples)


Submit up to 10 images with an article. Don’t forget to include captions. We may place your logo or name on the face of your image. We do this because certain images are prone to be shared around the internet and make for good marketing for you AND us. YES! We want you to go ahead and promote your business – just follow our guidelines or leave it to us. Be sure to share it along when we post it to our social media, too.

Article Length and Rewards

Tokens will be awarded for accepted articles at the rate of 50 tokens for a 500-word article, plus 10 tokens per additional 100 words. A 584-word article is credited for 580 words (58 tokens). A 629-word article is credited for 620 words (62 tokens). All word counts are for the final edited copy. Tokens will be awarded for accepted images at the rate of 10 tokens per accepted image.

Assignments may be given to talented writers for stories we’d like to present. The length of such stories and the number of accompanying images will be detailed by the editor in the assignment sheet. A 2000-word story with the full limit of 10 superb images would earn the writer 300 tokens. Reviews are limited to 111 tokens. [Suggest a Story]

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