MMJ Consulting

Higher Ground consultants can guide you in chemotype selection (strains), routes of ingestion, preparation and even help administer treatment.

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Cannabis News & Reviews

In-depth reporting on all things cannabis.  Formatted reviews focus on specific crops as grown by a specific producer (includes chemotypes).

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Chemotype Database

Professionally curated and monitored for quality control, all subscribers may access the Higher Ground Chemotype Database.  Search by chemotype (a derivative of terpene profiles) and know your medicine.

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Know your medicine

Want to learn why one strain works better for you than another? How the medicine treats you, holistically? How about chemotype relationships and genetics? Cannabis cooking? News and (structured) Reviews? Which growers possess which chemotypes and how to find them?

HigherGround420 Product Reviews are crop-specific, include objective observations of aroma, taste, effects, macro photography and our signature chemotyping, and they often include some brilliant writing from our contributors. No Ads. Primary Producers Only; those who regularly order and publish terpene assays on their product labels.

Jeff Cole, founder of HigherGround420, began consulting MMJ patients in 2015 through his cannabis tourism website, His goal is to educate people on the effects of a given chemotype, how to consume cannabis (several ways), and to provide the tools to help consumers dependably find their medicine.

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