Higher Ground Writers Get Paid With Zelle

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Today’s digital world requires a digital payment system. In the beginning, Higher Ground’s token system will track your earnings. Once Higher Ground Magazine becomes profitable we will need a way to pay you. We use Zelle® to pay freelance writers, photographers, artists and designers. Each is an independent contractor with your own worries, so we make it easy to get paid for the great work you do.

Things to consider:

Download Zelle® from GooglePlay or the app store to get paid for your work.

You’ll be associating an email address with your bank account. Choose a business email if you prefer to keep your business banking separate from your personal banking. Almost any email should do the trick.

We can make it pretty easy; when you registered as a Contributor we collected your name and email. If you were serious about writing for us, you used your real name or a very good pseudonym. If it wasn’t your real name, please fill out the Contributor Profile Form for Creatives. On the form you’ll enter your real name, an email and your mobile number. These will allow us to pay you.

Zelle® is a registered trademark of Early Warning Services, LLC.; Higher Ground Magazine™ is a trademark of the Aquarian Publishing Company, Seattle, WA, USA.

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