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Note: Businesses supporting HigherGround420 with subscriptions or memberships are not advertisers. HigherGround420 does not sell or promote cannabis products, but investigates and publishes honest information for consumers. HigherGround420 content may entertain, but is intended to educate. For Member Businesses, we include:

Training and Education

  • Business Member discounts to HG420 Educational Events;
  • Full Access to the HG420 Library;
  • Discounted Access to Consultation and Training via the HG420 Network;

Business Development or Horticultural Consulting

  • GROUP_ID eligible; May establish and access a private group for the purpose of sharing data (great for dispensaries, labs, marketers); (1)
  • Reviews Marketing Available (product development, doesn’t guarantee feature) each month; (2)
  • ONE VERIFICATION PER MONTH INCLUDED. This is useful for the producer seeking to verify crops and begin as a contributing member. Verified varieties will not feature your logo, but are eligible to print on your label for the harvest verified. Your verification displays in our searches for one year (displaying your brand and strain name to consumers seeking your verified TerpType). Continue to verify as each new crop is harvested for eventual Certification (Includes logo on your certified crop listing: great marketing for years to come; see examples 1, 2, 3).
  • VERIFY additional harvests @ $25 each; Limit 25 separate batches per month. If you need lots of verifications in one month, but not every month, this is for you. (Want more? See Sustaining Business Membership)


  • Your $25/mo allows us to operate, and to REWARD contributors; (2)
  • Your Logo and Branding displayed in reviews and in your HG420 Directory Listing (Businesses, Clubs, etc.);
  • Your Business listed in the Support section of all acknowledgements, including video credits;
    • Business Included in Supporting Member Card (5 sec, 300 x 150 on a 1920 x 1080 screen, 1/25th of screen, HD) in videos produced with your support (1 per month);
  • Promotional Marketing in the HG420 store; (up to 1 item, add/change up to 1 per month);
    • You may list your services in our store;
    • Contributors shop the store and spend their REWARDS;
  • Social Media Promotion – Network with us and we’ll like and share whatever we can. Please do the same when we mention you.
    • Network with @HG420mag (several social media channels) and grow your social media audience.
  • Tours, features, video and other promotions are available.

Main Group

You can only choose one level from this group.

FREE Subscriber


Supporting Member 5

$5.00 per Month.

Supporting Member 10

$10.00 per Month.

Supporting Member 15

$15.00 per Month.

Supporting Business 25

$25.00 per Month.

Sustaining Business

$625.00 per Month.


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